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  1. Follow the instructions above to find the application you want.
  2. In the Actions column, click the View button . This will take you to that application's details.
  3. In the bottom right there will be a box that says Rate This Application.
     Screenshot of Juror Application Rating

    Choose your rating from the drop-down and enter any comments if applicable, then click Save.


    You can only rate applications that are in the Submitted status. If you do not see a Rate This Application box, the application is likely still incomplete.

  4. You will not be taken to a new screen, but you should see a message that says "Rating updated". Accordingly, the application will now be marked with a green checkmark instead of a red X on the Browse Applications list.

Ratings Guidelines

Please rate each application and add any comments or questions you feel are relevant. Keep in mind that comments are subject to the Open Records Act and should be phrased appropriately. Please recuse yourself from rating any application on which there is a conflict of interest. Please keep the following in mind when rating them and considering them to perform at our Fair:

  1. Is it University of Oklahoma-level ‘Family Friendly’?
  2. How well does it fit the theme of our Fair, 1360 Medieval England?
  3. How strong is the audience appeal?
  4. Bonus points if it’s educational too!

Applicants were given the following prompt in the request for proposals:

The Medieval Fair is a medieval festival and not a renaissance festival. The flavor is as different as chocolate is to vanilla. The year is 1360 in Avalon England near Glastonbury Abbey and King Edward III has just signed a peace treaty with France. The Entertainment Jury is focused on selecting quality acts that best fit our theme as well as our mission statement “To ignite the spark of curiosity that leads to lifelong learning through educational entertainment.” The Medieval Fair is a program of the University of Oklahoma Outreach. All performances and content should be appropriate for general audiences, i.e. Rated G.