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Welcome to CCE-IT Docs!

Here, you'll find user guides to help you use the products built by CCE-IT. You'll also find links to CCE-IT's other resources.

If you need any assistance with these guides or with our products, please email

Help Guides

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Space: APMIS Guide
User Guides for the Advanced Programs MIS
Space: CLS Guest App Guide
Singlepage user guide for the College of Liberal Studies Guest App
Space: CSRDE Guide
User guides for the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange (CSRDE) management system
Space: Flightcamp Guide
User Guides for the Sooner Flight Academy management system
Space: MedFair Guide
User guides for the Medieval Fair registration and jury system
Space: OCRM Guide
Space: VMIS User Guide
User Guides for the Volunteer MIS app

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We support other departments at the University of Oklahoma College of Continuing Education (OCCE) by developing and managing technology services and products. Through innovation and close collaboration with our clients, we endeavor to facilitate all aspects of OCCE's mission of educational outreach.

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